About Badger Poker

Badger Poker (BP) is a members only poker league. There are four seasons each year. In each season you play as much or as little as you want in the nightly tournaments to earn points in the standings. Those points earn you extra chips in that season's Final tournament. Winning any nightly tournament also earns you extra chips in the Final tournament. The Final tournament of each season currently offers a prize pool of at least $2400 with a top prize of airfare, five-night hotel stay, and entry into a minimum $200,000.00 prize pool tournament in Las Vegas.  This is a fun way to socialize with other poker players, learn or improve your poker game, and have four chances to win a trip to Las Vegas and a share of the $10,000+ prizes given out each year. 


For more details on how Badger Poker League works see Forums post "About Badger Poker."


To become a member or ask questions you can email us at Badgerpoker1@gmail.com.