Big news first. Check your email or go to the FORUMS tab on this website and check out the NEW FORMAT article. You can also check your email as this was emailed to all members.

Small new last. This week two of the online tournaments did not launch. Tuesday was probably my fault and I apologize. I have processing the Tuesday and Thursday tournaments on my schedule and things are pretty smooth. This past week we moved Monday online and I did NOT process that prior to the Tuesday tournament which meant some of you did not have an entry token and could not join on Tuesday. I will endeavor to better in the future when we make changes to the online tournament schedule. Thursday was all set to go but didn't launch because not enough people signed up prior to 7pm. Remember, if you know you are going to play you can register hours and days before the actual tournament. Please make sure you are playing for sure before signing up but feel free to sign up early. Even if you don't start playing until a little after 7, registering before 7 makes sure the tournament launches. (Do not sign up if you are not sure you are playing because "absent" players are a real pain in online play.)



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