Ashland Invitational Poker Club

Game Info

Title: Game 23 Game Type:  
Contact: Date: 7/06/2021
Location: The Founder's Time: 7:00 PM
Buy-in: $0.00
Description: Battle Royale!

The Lone Ranger's cards were supernaturally good. Ask him about his chicken sacrifices. He finished first up 23. The only other winner in this Battle Royale was the host, whose two dollar derelict win lifted him, just barely, into double digits. We were trophy free. We just hope it wasn't the Ranger's last game of the year!


1 The Lone Ranger 3 $23.00 $0.00
2 The Founder 2 $10.00 $0.00
3 The Dude 1 $-14.00 $0.00
4 Speed 0 $-19.00 $0.00


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