Ashland Invitational Poker Club

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Title: Game 11 Game Type:  
Contact: Date: 3/17/2020
Location: The Founder's Time: 7:00 PM
Buy-in: $0.00
Description: St. Patrick & The Unstoppable Guest

It was a gathering of fewer than ten people in a disinfected room with lots of soap and sanitizer, but it did take place. A guest accepted a seat as a last minute sixth player (see note), and she was the big winner (pre-adjustment) at twelve up. Her cards were incredible again and again, which left two regulars in double digits down: the Killer, who collected the three dollar D; and the Dude, who trophied. (Note: Adjustments were required to the "Our Guest" stats in order to bring in a new regular and his stats accurately. The new regular was nine dollars up in earned wins this year, which required this week's guest be recorded at a loss rather than the twelve up she actually finished. Everything else on the chart follows from the adjustment, which should set things in order for the year. More details about the new regular will follow.)


1 Our Guest 5 $-6.00 $0.00
2 The Founder 4 $10.00 $0.00
3 Rico 3 $9.00 $0.00
4 The Nemesis 2 $1.00 $0.00
5 Zombie Killer 1 $-14.00 $0.00
6 The Dude 0 $-18.00 $0.00
6 TBD 0 $9.00 $0.00


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