Season 2021 Overview

Games Played: 6 Winnings: $0.00
Start Date: 1/05/2021 End Date: 12/28/2021
Points Leader: The Lone Ranger Cash Leader: The Lone Ranger
  20 points   $60.00

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The Lone Ranger 20 $60.00 6
The Founder 16 $-5.00 6
Speed 9 $-20.00 6
The Nemesis 8 $11.00 2
Zombie Killer 8 $5.00 2
Ray Gun 8 $-5.00 5
The Dude 8 $-41.00 6
Rico 1 $-5.00 1
Lord of Lowball 0 $0.00 0
Mitch 0 $0.00 0
O.G. II 0 $0.00 0
Our Guest 0 $0.00 0
Papi 0 $0.00 0
The Kid 0 $0.00 0

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Game 6 2/23/2021 7:00 PM The Lone Ranger
Game 5 2/16/2021 7:00 PM Ray Gun
Game 4 2/02/2021 7:00 PM The Nemesis
Game 3 1/19/2021 7:00 PM The Founder
Game 2 1/12/2021 7:00 PM The Lone Ranger
Game 1 1/05/2021 7:00 PM The Lone Ranger


5 Regulars, TONS of Play
With five regulars, there was plenty of play. Who was that masked man? Everyone this week, but the double-digit first place finisher was the Lone Ranger. The only other winner was your Founder, who added a two dollar derelict pot to his one dollar win. The Dude had by far the most entertaining luck; his trophy-earning thrill ride of a night ranged from spectacular wins to stunning beats.
posted by The Founder 2 hours 50 min ago
Fat Tuesday!
It was a great game with big pots, bad beats, and (covid) masks all around. Raygun had a huge win. The Dude collected a single dollar derelict pot. Mr. T decided to spend the week on display at Speed's.
posted by The Founder 7 days ago
Pre-Game Social Hour (No Smoking Game)
Speed's 19th Hole will host a pre-game social hour since we will be masked while at the table for the entirety of the game. The obvious exception is for brief sips of beverages. There will be no smoking at the table. Speed invites you to arrive for the social hour at six or just before.
posted by The Founder 15 days ago
2021: The Nemesis Returns
The Nemesis is back, and he took first place. The Zombie Killer was the only other winner at two up, but his Nemesis had the only double-digit finish. Two players finished even; two players tied for the bottom at just six down. Mr. T was not in attendance.
posted by The Founder 21 days ago
Single? Digits?
The pots were large, but it was a close race in the end. Your mutant team leader finished first at only six up. Birthday boy (the day prior) The Galactic Derelict collected the three dollar derelict hand to finish just six down, which left him with the trophy this week. The Lone Ranger suffered his first loss of the year.
posted by The Founder 35 days ago

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Title: Game 6
Date/Time: 2/23/2021 7:00 PM
Location: Speed's 19th Hole
Total Payout: $0.00
Winner: The Lone Ranger