Season 2019 Overview

Games Played: 28 Winnings: $-10.00
Start Date: 1/01/2019 End Date: 12/31/2019
Points Leader: The Nemesis Cash Leader: The Nemesis
  100 points   $126.00

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The Nemesis 100 $126.00 26
The Founder 94 $66.00 27
Speed 67 $88.00 20
Zombie Killer 59 $29.00 17
Mitch 57 $-18.00 21
Ray Gun 53 $52.00 16
The Kid 48 $-126.00 23
Lord of Lowball 42 $25.00 12
The Dude 31 $-195.00 21
Rico 19 $19.00 5
Our Guest 7 $-60.00 5
Papi 2 $-1.00 1
Second Guest 2 $-15.00 2

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Game 29 7/23/2019 7:00 PM Not Yet Posted
Game 28 7/16/2019 7:00 PM The Founder
Game 27 7/09/2019 7:00 PM Mitch
Game 26 7/02/2019 7:00 PM Zombie Killer
Game 25 6/25/2019 7:00 PM Speed
Game 24 6/18/2019 7:00 PM Speed
Game 23 6/11/2019 7:00 PM The Kid
Game 22 6/04/2019 7:00 PM The Dude
Game 21 5/28/2019 7:00 PM The Nemesis
Game 20 5/21/2019 7:00 PM The Nemesis
Game 19 5/14/2019 7:00 PM The Nemesis
Game 18 5/07/2019 7:00 PM Rico
Game 17 4/30/2019 7:00 PM Ray Gun
Game 16 4/23/2019 7:00 PM Speed
Game 15 4/16/2019 7:00 PM Speed
Game 14 4/09/2019 7:00 PM The Kid
Game 13 4/02/2019 7:00 PM The Nemesis
Game 12 3/26/2019 7:00 PM The Founder
Game 11 3/19/2019 7:00 PM The Nemesis
Game 10 3/12/2019 7:00 PM Speed


Props For A Good, Tight Night With Guests
It was a good, solid game with two good guests. The evening's host took all of the profits but barely cracked double-digits. Speed broke even. The Nemesis's boat gave him a two dollar D but left him tied for third at just a dollar down. Our Guest (L.S.) lost only eight, making the trophy irrelevant, but she and the other guest worked hard to learn games they'd never played. They repeatedly chose to lock in their understanding by dealing the new stuff themselves. Props.
posted by The Founder 5 days ago
Away Game Around the Legacy Table
It was a great game with seven regulars. There were three big winners: Speed and Mitch tied for first, and The Nemesis not far behind, still in double digits. The Dude took a small derelict for the second week in a row, and The Kid took home the trophy.
posted by The Founder 12 days ago
Full House on Deck, Torch on Fire!
We had eight regulars at the Rowe Memorial Table, and the Human Torch was on fire for our pre-Fourth celebration on the deck. He took first, the only one with a double digit win. The two dollar derelict went to the Dude, and Mitch stuck Speed with the trophy on the derelict hand. There was watermelon, beer on ice, and a mix of inappropriate 4th of July tunes.
posted by The Founder 19 days ago
Night of the Bold Buck
Speed raced into second on the chart with a twenty dollar first place finish. Raygun finished in double-digits, fourteen in the black after peaking earlier at thirty up. The trophy was not in play although Our Guest finished last. She also collected the three dollar derelict hand. Mitch, absent, will be pleased to know that the fire pit poker he made serves equally well to ward off bucks in the backyard.
posted by The Founder 26 days ago
Viva La Deck Fiesta!
It was another great night on the deck with even a cool breeze by the end of the night. Speed had a double-digit win, and The Galactic Derelict was lifted into double-digits by his three dollar derelict win. Everyone else was within nine up or down. Mitch, ever the gentleman, took the trophy so that the Dude's special lady friend wouldn't be forced to look at it during their honeymoon.
posted by The Founder 33 days ago

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Title: Game 29
Date/Time: 7/23/2019 7:00 PM
Location: The Founder's
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Title: Game 28
Date/Time: 7/16/2019 7:00 PM
Location: The Founder's
Total Payout: $0.00
Winner: The Founder